My brothers – | Ep 54 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 54 Part 1

Shengyl goes loopy while she understands that Asije is running for the one who took her significant other and severs relations with them. Auntie Sevgi keeps on living inside the cabin with Eren.

Nebosh and Ajla’s plan works. Shengyl is improperly connected to the Eren brothers. Akif realizes that a person has given 3 instances the fee for the school and decides to sell it to him. Ajbike releases the peg to Omar telling him that they’re one of a kind households. Akif plans to open a corporation on behalf of Doruk. Aunt Sevgi feels remorse for her deeds when she become younger, which ruined Omer’s lifestyles. Shengyl places sheets within the middle of the backyard so she does not see her husband’s brother’s youngsters.

Doruk is fulfilled that Tolga’s dad did never again buy the school. Ultimately, Orhan and Shengyl separate. Suzan is disappointed through Harika’s move away and says she as of now has best one baby and he’s Omer. Susen endeavors to accommodate Ajbike and Asia, but with out accomplishment.

Omar and Asiya recognize that Shengyl has decided to demolish her cottage in which they know it as their home and Omar is going crazy via demolishing her house.


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