My brothers – | Ep 53 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 53 Part 2

Auntie Sevgi gets back to Omar’s home and there they tell her that Harika has taken her money and left, then, at that point, Oulxhan sings tunes for her as she mistakes him for a vocalist.

Nebahat and Ajla make cunning plans to take Akif’s fortune. Asije and Ouljan stay examined with Aunt Sevgi. Nebosh and Ajla use Shengyl to trick Akif into signing some documents, however Akif does now not consume this trick, because his pen does no longer write to him. Omer goes to visit Suzanne and tells her that Harika has clearly left and he or she is very upset. Asije starts offevolved working at Gonyl’s bar after the invitation she makes. Akif decides to sell the faculty and is going to Ajla and Berk to make clear, so as now not to purpose them any troubles.

Alja watches Berk satirically as he talks affectionately to Ajbike. Auntie Sevgi loves Omer extremely an extraordinary arrangement. She settles on a choice to move to school with the youths. Akif and Suzan face each other. Auntie Sevgi taunts the Emir. Ajbike and Asieje bet with their friends and family and each lose wagers.

Nebosh and Ajla choose to help Susan. Auntie Sevgi is by all accounts Omar’s grandma and as she makes reference to that she is his grandma, Omer hears her, Sevgi gets frightened.


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