My brothers – | Ep 52 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 52 Part 3

Shengyl begins operating for Nebosh and Ayla. Orhan can’t get the mind out of Shengyl after the matters which can be occurring among them and Gonul starts to comfort him.

Omar and Harika visit Susan and he or she leaves the accept as true with to Omar Harika. Akif is trying in any respect prices to keep Susan. Gonyl and Orhan go out to dinner together and spend beautiful moments, but Shengyl spoils the moment through going to the eating place.

Harika isn’t always capable of adapt to existence within the cottage. Ouljan and Ajbike comfort their mom. Susan confronts Akig once more and curses him, while Akif swears to shop her and asks her to believe him, at the same time as Akif is running away from the borrowers.

Emir attempts to upset Harika even extra with the assistant of surprising him and Omer gets exasperated by then and starts battling with him. Harika gets Akif in school and tells him what unites appraisals. Doruk has a disappointed demeanor toward his father and endeavors to stay near him.

Asije and Ajbike start working in a marketplace, Berk and Doruk can’t get relaxed and go to the girls’ place of work and are jealous of the men who are there.


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