My brothers – | Ep 49 Part 2

My brothers – | Ep 49 Part 2

Ouljan is in the nicely, can Omer keep him? Susan and Akif recognise Nebahat’s entice and get married in her presence to make her jelaous.

Omar saves Ouljan from the pleasantly and this makes them both concur. Ouljan needs to pay the motor obligation and while Gonyl sees that he may be charged, she pays the obligation cash. Orhan and Ouljan say thanks to her for what she did, but Ajbikes doesn’t cherish it.

Emir treats Harika very badly. Asije and Doruk are introduced the winners of the university dance opposition. Ayla convenes the university discipline council to determine on Omer and Ouljan, however Suzan manages to shop them way to Harika.

Asije offers the concept for Ajbike and Berk to enroll in her and Doruk within the dance opposition and that they agree. Susen calls Ajbike and Asija to her pajama birthday celebration house with Harika. Finally, Shengyl is launched but not the whole thing goes nicely.

As. Dor and AyBer win the moves rivalry. Emirs abuses Harika and she asks Susen for help. Susen is obliging Asia and Ajbike.


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