My brothers – | Ep 48 Part 3

My brothers – | Ep 48 Part 3

Shengyl feels regret for what she did. Akif, Suzan, Harika and Doruk exit for lunch, it does no longer move so properly due to the fact they throw pegs between themselves.

Unfortunately Shengyl does no longer break out without getting interior and there are awful moments. Berk tells Doruk approximately the track that Asia has allotted for him and they each concentrate to the tune together, Doruk may be very satisfied approximately that and keeps smiling. Doruk and Asije announce that there will be a dance competition in college. Berk and Ajbike get dance coaches, but she seems to be Berk and Ajbike’s pal very jealous. Suzan and Ajla win the undertaking in the organization and end up partners.

Emir traps Ouljan by way of taking his engine and asks him to do something in return to present it to him. Susen expresses love to Omer, he does no longer do the same. But then, he prepares a marvel for Susen via expressing his love he has for her.

Ouljan falls prey to the Emir entice and breaks off members of the family with Omar. When Ouljan goes to get the engine, he stays inside a pit. Will he escape?


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