My brothers – | Ep 48 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 48 Part 1

Shengyl feels regret for what she did. Akif, Suzan, Harika and Doruk go out for lunch, it turns out poorly in light of the fact that they toss stakes between themselves.

Sadly Shengyl doesn’t escape without getting inside and there are awful minutes. Berk enlightens Doruk regarding the melody that Asia has conveyed for himself and the two of them pay attention to the tune together, Doruk is extremely blissful about that and continues to grin. Doruk and Asije declare that there will be a dance contest in school. Berk and Ajbike get dance mentors, yet she ends up being Berk and Ajbike’s companion extremely desirous. Suzan and Ajla win the venture in the organization and become accomplices.

Emir traps Ouljan by taking his motor and requests that he do something consequently to give it to him. Susen communicates love to Omer, he doesn’t do likewise. However at that point, he readies something special for Susen by communicating his affection he has for her.

Ouljan succumbs to the Emir trap and severs relations with Omar. At the point when Ouljan goes to get the motor, he stays inside a pit. Will he escape?


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