My brothers – | Ep 45 Part 1

My brothers – | Ep 45 Part 1

Rasul keeps to quarrel with Nebahat and Akif even after the harm he obtained from Nebahat, but he injures himself on the table and therefore dies.

Doruk and Omer argue among themselves and make every different responsible of what took place to Asia. Suzanne goes to Rasul and sees him at the ground subconscious and the blame stays together with her. Doruk keeps to grieve for Asia and cry for it, Asia operation passes efficaciously, every person rejoices over it. Berk gets a call from his mom calling him to go to her and there he realizes that his father has handed away. Omer on the other hand, is disillusioned that he became the motive for the activities of Asia.

Akif realizes that USB turned into at Kaani and evicts him from the house. Nebahat is terrified of the modern events and cannot be separated from Akif. Berk, after the dying of his father, goes into melancholy out of boredom.

Omar and Asiya have some quarrels with every different, Emel can’t stand their quarrels and runs faraway from home. He goes to the graves of their dad and mom and there they reconcile.


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