HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 44

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 44

ferrite; He talks to the person who took charge of Baha’s murder. Ferit squeezes the man. He learns that the man has a sick little child. Then he talks to Ayşe and the man’s family. He learns that someone has helped them, but cannot learn the name. Of course, it was Hüseyin who did this and he is aware of what happened. He examines Baha’s phone and tries to find records of deleted messages.


Hande first asks her parents not to tell anyone that she will not have a child and that her memory has returned. He threatens them with his own life. Ayşe realizes that her memory has returned. It gets stuck in Ayşe’s throat. During that time, her mother Zümrüt stops Hande and makes statements to Ayşe. Emerald; He tells Azade that his daughter has a good memory, but the woman says it would be better for Hande to continue the game.


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