Donttoleame – Epizod 144

Donttoleame – Epizod 144

Esin gets back at. Hülya, who cut her, by sending her young lady. Zeynep, whom she has watched, to prison. Hülya goes to request that. Esin save her young lady, yet. Esin’s eyes are overflowing with revenge. Yet again understanding that. Esin will not get any results. Hülya goes to the police and concedes that she injured herself, and disregarding the way that she accepts them ought to put her in jail, not her daughter, the police consider the attestation of the complainant and. Hülya’s undertakings are greatly. On the other hand. Bora takes action to save. Zeynep and throws himself completely into a significant fire. Will Bora complete and close the extra half calculations with Esin.

Emre has been, unprofitable in his game plan, and in spite of the way, that he says that the principal, clarification he manhandled. Zeynep and even got him, ended as of recently is to successfully shield herself. Zeynep doesn’t really focus on Emre. For Zeynep, someone named Emre will as of now not be a significant piece of her life. As a last resort. Emre decides to use. Yeliz, who is his most prominent ensured victor against Esin. Emre begins his game plan to make a significant move to Esin. He will moreover, complain about. Esin with Emre. Yeliz’s confirmation. As of now it’s. Esin’s opportunity to crush. He will either take, out his complaint, or go to jail.


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