Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 145

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 145

Meltem enacts a significant secret weapon. As a matter of fact, this guaranteed winner is a customary strategy utilized by ladies over the entire course of time to drive men into marriage; You were plastered, you were with me, and presently I’m yours.

Meltem knows that she can’t draw in Tarık when she is level-headed; he is even certain that on the off chance that he persuades Tarık that they are together, Tarık should leave Sıla and should get back to himself. Then again, in Sıla, presently the amount of the reports of the games played by Meltem and presently Tarık is given a record; yet.

I don’t figure these archives will make a difference to Tarik any longer; Regardless of whether Sıla accompanies reports, it’s finished. Obviously, this situation is my message to you from the tips I got. In any case, truly Tarık will succumb to Meltem’s exemplary underhanded lady game and in the end Sıla will demonstrate that this is likewise a round of Meltem. All in all, can Tarik escape this issue with a reasonable temple? Assuming Meltem says we are together, Auntie Seher and Sayar family force Tarık to wed Meltem.


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