HearrtWound – Epizoda 44

HearrtWound – Epizoda 44

Hande still continues her amnesia trick against Ferit and the others. He goes to the chalet where Ferit is staying and cooks and prepares a romantic atmosphere. Thank God Sinan comes and Ferit gets rid of this situation. Encouraged by Ayşe and Ferit’s divorce, he comes to the Sancakzadeler’s for dinner with the encouragement of his parents and Azade at the end of the episode.

When Ferit comes to the mansion for dinner after his divorce, he is surprised to see Hande, who is dressed in a wedding dress for the so-called rehearsal. He can’t take it anymore and tells the girl the truth. He argues with his mother and leaves the house. On the other hand, Ayşe faints on the street and falls. Someone takes him to the hospital. Ayşe is surprised when she learns from the doctor that she is 6 weeks pregnant.


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