HearrtWound – Epizoda 43

HearrtWound – Epizoda 43

Ayşe and Ferit had a fender bender. Ayşe, who came to him first As he sees that. Ferit doesn’t awaken and there is blood on his head, he gets extremely stressed and attempts to stop the passers-by. When. Ferit comes to him, he is stressed over Ayşe. The two darlings embrace each other with the concern and joy they feel for one another.

He goes into. Ayşe’s home from the one who works for. Azade and tracks down the convention. Since he doesn’t maintain that they should leave the work simultaneously, he takes the paper and has maybe. Ayşe has applied. At the point when Ayşe returns home and can’t find the convention, she thinks. Ferit got it and blows up. Ferit is likewise irritated, believing that Ayşe needed the separation and that he had the convention handled. In any case, after the separation, the two understand that the other didn’t finish this work. They find what Azade did. Notwithstanding. Ayşe actually says it’s awesome and leaves.


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