Donttoleame – Epizod 143

Donttoleame – Epizod 143

Sıla failed once again; however. Meltem’s game has also come to an end. Meltem again got away, with it at the last moment however. Meltem is no longer in a position, to agitate because the game. Meltem played has come to light. Meltem is determined not to leave. Tarık to Sıla. Meltem will face. Tarık again with a new plan.

Mehmet, on the other hand, cannot stop his love for. Sıla and takes action to take revenge on everyone who upset Sıla.

Sıla gets Meltem’s reports from the crisis facility to show to everyone that Meltem’s down is playing. Meltem, of course, hears that. Sıla has clutched the reports, and takes action to stop. Sıla, yet Sıla not the slightest bit needs to stop. Sıla will educate Tarık as well as all Sayar family regarding. Meltem’s plays. Meltem, of course, will make a frightening, move to save herself, when she comprehends that the whole, game will be uncovered.


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