HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 20

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 20

Betül enlightens Hande concerning her relationship with Yaman. Hande says she will uphold her companion. Hande goes to Yaman’s home. They even live it up and move. Thereafter, Hande causes vows to her companion that will to make precipices among her and Yaman. While offending her by saying that regardless of whether she had cash, she wouldn’t suit her, she says, “We should not do to Betül how we treated Ferit.” Yaman proposes to Betül, who follows Hande. Betül concurs and shares her bliss with Hande and her loved ones.


Since Ferit saved himself, he made Baha their escort. In spite of the fact that. Hande is shocked by the circumstance, she doesn’t make a sound since it suits her. At the point when. Ayşe learns about this, she attempts to forestall it and even inquiries whether she is certain that she is the friend in need. He says that he didn’t sell Baha Hande, yet that she really tracked down him however assisted with conveying him.

Baha is really focused on, said thanks to, and permitted to remain there for saving Ferit in the chateau. Ferit maintains that Baha should be Ayşe’s confidential driver. Ayşe, then again, requests that Ferit pay the rest for Baha’s takeoff and gives the cash to the man.


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