HearrtWound – Epizoda 19

HearrtWound – Epizoda 19

Toward the finish of the last episode, Sinan had assaulted the coordinated operations shipment drove by. Yaman and Ihsan’s uncle. When nothing could be found, since he was educated and insurances were taken, Sinan actually demanded. Adnan Bey slapped his oldest child. Sinan turns out to be more, critical and defiant with this slap. He doesn’t get back home that night. This present circumstance strains Leman’s front and makes him set up additional things about Ebru to him.

Sinan, who comes to breakfast, in the first part of the day, is terminated by his mom, and spouse this time. Adnan Bey, who goes to the organization, believes that. Yaman has been defamed and requests that. Sinan apologize to him. Obviously, Sinan doesn’t do this. Ferit additionally, hears the occurrence, yet he takes the side of his sibling. While Yaman is brimming with joy. Adnan makes weighty allegations against his two children, particularly Ferit, for walking out on the individual he calls his sibling. Despite the fact that Ferit doesn’t utter a sound. Sinan enlightens his dad concerning Yaman and Hande


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