Donttoleame – Epizod 119

Donttoleame – Epizod 119

While she dreams of a beautiful future with. Sıla Tarık in Don’t Let Me Go, all her dreams are shattered when she realizes that Tarık has built a happy home with Meltem. Meltem finally succeeded and separated Tarı from Sıla, but this is temporary.

Tarik’s heart is almost imprisoned for Sıla. When Tarık realizes everything, where and how will he find Sıla. Will Sıla stop fighting for her love?

I figure. Mehmet will be the individual to fix the connection, among Sıla and Tarık. Mehmet will initially give a decent example to Meltem, who tormented Sıla, and afterward he will give his all to fulfill. Tarık and Sıla once more.

Mehmet, yet in addition. Auntie Seher won’t allow. Sıla and Tarık to cover their adoration in their souls and will, make a move to bring these two insanes sweethearts together.


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