Donttoleame – Epizod 120

Donttoleame – Epizod 120

While everything is going well in the relationship between Emre and Zeynep, what happened to Zeynep upset everyone. Zeynep, who was kidnapped by Esin, has fallen into the hands of such bad, guys that this business has gone beyond Esin’s plans. When the mafia holding Zeynep realizes that they can sell. Zeynep for more money than Esin gives, I think a great bargain will begin between both. Bora and Tarık and the mafia. Hülya is after a safe reunion with her daughter as soon as possible. For Esin, there is no way out. The police will no longer give up on Esin, who kidnapped Zeynep. If Esin gets rid of the police, she will not be able to get rid of. Cansu, for whom she risked everything.

On the other hand. Vedat will not leave his side on this difficult day of his ex-girlfriend Hülya and will start to live his old love again. Esin’s problem is not only with. Zeynep, but also with her mother Hülya, who will now be her archenemy, because in the future, it may be possible for Vedat and. Esin to break up and for Vedat to have a love affair with Hülya.

Arzu, on the other hand, is very afraid of. Esin’s speech and revealing secrets. This fear will cause Arzu to make mistakes. So who is Tarık’s real father and where is he? When will Tarik find out who his real father is?


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