HearrtWound – PROMO – EPIZODA 16

HearrtWound – PROMO – EPIZODA 16

Yaman and his darling Betül; Handes comes to supper. Hande is desirous of them. He keeps on charming Yaman, however then again pushes him. They escape without a second to spare from being gotten by their dad. Hande’s mom upholds and energizes Betül, both at supper and a while later, so Yaman and her girl separate.

He went to Baha Hande and understood that he had caught Ayşe and himself as a columnist; He says that he shouldn’t furious Ayşe and lets Hande know that he ought to deal with himself and goes. Be that as it may, when Hande converses with Baha and takes steps to report him on the off chance that he doesn’t do what he says, the man needs to yield. He likewise passes on cash for Hande Baha to purchase garments.



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