Donttoleame – PROMO – Epizod 116

Donttoleame – PROMO – Epizod 116

Tarık is almost destroyed when the divorce documents come to him, but in order to stand upright, he says to Sıla that we will divorce in the first session, you will get rid of me, but Sıla’s aim is not to divorce Tarık, but to win her back. Sıla has no intention of giving up on Tarık. Sıla will wait for the appropriate time and tell Tarık one by one how Meltem set traps for her. Meltem, on the other hand, will make a new plan to prevent Sıla and make her unable to speak? Will Meltem be able to stop Sıla? Will Tarik listen to Sıla?

Upon Hülya’s complaint, the police come to Cengiz Shayari. In spite of the way that Cengiz communicates that there is a misguided judgment, the police take Cengiz to the police central command, saying there is a dissent. Cengiz finally learns about the islanders and what has been the deal with Zeynep. Whatever amount of Arzu needs to disguise it, Cengiz has gotten everything ultimately. Cengiz learning of all that will truly bring the completion of both Arzu and Esin. After what Cengiz understands, the Sayar family will be profoundly influenced and Cengiz won’t ever from now onward trust Arzu.


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