HearrtWound – Epizoda 15

HearrtWound – Epizoda 15

Azade, who is angry that Leman raises the rebel flag, decides to send her to her village. He even gets his suitcase ready. However, Leman fell at her feet and apologized to her mother-in-law. He tells Azade that he saw Sinan’s ex-fiancee, Ebru, in Hatay; He says that the woman returned from abroad and that her son is at the same school as her daughter. Thinking that if he sends Leman, the ex-fiancé will be born, Azade lets Leman stay. Meanwhile, two teenagers become friends at school, learning that their parents are friends. While Sinan is dropping his daughter off at school, Esra takes care of her when she faints, but the woman keeps a distance and goes.

With his anger towards Sinan Yaman, he begins to control Hande’s relations with his father and İlhan. Hasan suspects that your father is playing with the accounts again. He starts to check İlhan’s logistics documents. When İlhan is uncomfortable in this situation, Yaman offers him to bury the gold. İlhan likes this remedy. She reproaches her brother for getting her checked at home


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