Mos më Braktis PROMO Epizod 118

Mos më Braktis PROMO Epizod 118

Esin, on the other hand, takes action to get the surveillance from Bora, which will put her in jail. Esin, who goes to Bora easily from holding Zeynep in her hand, wants to look at her. Bora imaging warehouse asks for Cansu. Just when Esin and Bora’s bargain is over, something unexpected happens. He followed Emre Bora. Emre realizes that there is a bargain between Esin and Bora and that Zeynep has kidnapped Esin.

Cansu, on the other hand, is after the bag brand that is still found. Cansu, who takes all the receipts from the bag store, examines them one by one. When Cansu finally sees her mother Esin Ateş’s bag among the customer receipts, she is shocked. Esin finally learns that what she learned is her mother. Esin has no way out anymore.


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