Donttoleame – Epizod 116

Donttoleame – Epizod 116

Sıla comes to the inn and discovers that Tarık is in a gathering with clients. Sıla, who shows her marriage endorsement, plans to make a heartfelt treat for Tarık to cause her to excuse herself, and she readies the room. Tarık, ignorant about this, goes to the room subsequent to eating Meltem together. Sıla is stunned when she sees Meltem and Tarık coming to the room alone. Despite the fact that Tarık is astonished by the circumstance from the beginning, he responds to Sıla.

Emre finds where Zeynep is being held; yet the men at the head of Zeynep are incredibly risky men. In spite of the way that it is irksome, Emre saves Zeynep from the hands of the men. Seeing Emre, who put his life in danger to save himself, Zeynep is by and by sure for certain that Emre didn’t send the post that places him in a predicament. Zeynep’s old contempt for Emre, who has been endeavoring to exhibit that he is exemplary this time, is no more. Emre and Zeynep’s veneration is incredibly close to showing signs of life again. Will Zeynep excuse Emre?

Zeynep’s men, whom Esin put on her head, have abducted Zeynep, however Esin needs to follow through with something and get the proof from Bora that will send her to jail. Esin endeavors another arrangement to overcome Bora once and for all, however Bora has a generally excellent game for Esin. Esin, who doesn’t comprehend that Bora is out in front of her, will be deceived by Bora. How about we see who will be the prey and who will be the tracker among Bora and Esin.


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