Donttoleame – Epizod 117

Donttoleame – Epizod 117

Of course, when Cansu finds that the person who shared the disgusting reactions about Zeynep is Esim, on account of her investigation, she takes her breath with her father Vedat to confess all. Once more will Vedat hush up even with Esin games? Of course will he hand over Esin to the police to do his discipline?

Meltem, on the other hand, learns that Sıla has come to the hotel and immediately enters the roles of happy lovers. Meltem, who pretends to have a new love affair with Tarık, all the way to Sıla’s eyes, finally reaches her goal. Sıla leaves the hotel and starts packing to leave Ankara and finish this adventure. Tarık learns that his official wife, Sıla, has come to the hotel, but it is too late for everything now. Sıla left Ankara. Will Tarik be able to find and bring Sıla back?

While Sıla dreams of a wonderful future with Tarık in Don’t Let Me Go, everything she could ever hope for are broken when she understands that Tarık has constructed a blissful home with Meltem. Meltem at long last succeeded and isolated Tarı from Sıla; however this is transitory. Tarık’s heart is nearly detained for Sıla. At the point when Tarık acknowledges everything, where and how might he track down Sıla. Will Sıla quit battling for her affection?


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