HearrtWound – Epizoda 16

HearrtWound – Epizoda 16

Azade takes both of his brides and goes to the market to shut everyone’s mouths. Gives a tight setting to those who talk behind his back. Ayşe later leaves her mother-in-law and goes to Baha, who is constantly looking for her, and confronts Ferit, who has been following her since the house. Ferit tells him that he is worried about her. While Ferit and Ayşe are fighting, suddenly the man kisses the woman. Baha, who came to the house to buy food from outside, sees them but leaves without showing it.

Baha enters Ferit’s stable and gives medication to the pony to disturb him with his resentment. Ayşe lets Ferit know that she misconstrues her sentiments and lets her significant other be, saying that she feels nothing like that. Baha, then again, lets Ayşe know that he comprehends that an individual can’t win his adoration forcibly; He says he will go from that point and bids farewell. Ayşe goes to where Ferit left off, however around then Ferit got on the Fırtına near the ocean. Then the pony begins to run exceptionally quick. They show the pony passing on the ground.

Storm; The medication that Baha gave him tosses Ferit on his back. The lucky man who finds Fırtına illuminates everybody. Azade and everybody in the chateau begin searching for true foundations, the gendarmerie, Yaman, Ayşe lastly Hande. While Ayşe sees Ferit in her fantasy, the young fellow sees Ayşe in a blissful state and calls out to her. At the point when Ayşe awakens, she persuades individuals of the upset manor that Ferit isn’t dead and will return. She starts to cook her significant other’s number one dish. Azade additionally upholds


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