HearrtWound – Epizoda 17

HearrtWound – Epizoda 17

Baha cannot kill a man who does not die despite falling from a horse. It takes him to a village on his back. There, the women take care of Ferit and begin to treat him. Baha, who does not know what to do with Ferit Sancakzade, whom everyone is looking for; He assigns a position to Hande. Hande also comes there and takes Ferit to the mansion. He makes up a fake rescue story and becomes a hero.

Everyone in the mansion hugs Ferit, they are in joy. Ayşe tries to be close, but Ferit, who hears that she didn’t feel anything towards him before the accident, is distant to her. They pour bites in the mansion and celebrate with drums and zurnas.

In the television series Heart Wound, Baha and Hande again stand up to one another and compromise one another. Hande consents to make a phony personality for Baha so she can continue on with her own personal business. He converses with Ferit Hande and pays attention to his salvage story once more.


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