HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 59

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 59

At the point when Ayşe needs to work in the bistro that was moved to the legal official public that day, Ferit says “Alright” despite the fact that he would rather not. Ayşe will work. Ferit has his companion follow Mirza. She discovers that Mirza is a specialist at the medical clinic. She converses with him one on one. His companion, who follows and examines Mirza, discovers that the man became rich in the wake of leaving the shelter and changed his family name. Ferit scours the man’s trailer to figure out more. sees adolescence pictures

In the mean time, Mirza requests that a specialist give Ayşe’s espresso mug and do a DNA test once more.

Ayşe professes to fail to remember her birthday for Ferit and sets up an impromptu get-together with Bedia and Müge. Sinan, who came to the party in the bistro; Since he is as yet irate, he gives his gift to his little girl and leaves. Azade makes her child’s nut cake crying like consistently at home.

Yaman gains from the medical caretaker at home that Bedia is his auntie. At the point when he asks Yadigar, he learns reality and attempts to move toward the lady.


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