HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizod 59

HearrtWound – PROMO 2 Epizod 59

Adnan has found an assistant for the housing. Unfortunately, Yaman was the person who lived abroad, whose face he didn’t see anyway knew his name. Yaman was misdirecting Adnan. Adnan places Sinan responsible for the motel business

Exactly when Adnan gets back home and doesn’t find Saadet, he gains from Azade that he has gone considering the way that he is solid and doesn’t need them any longer. Adnan calls the woman continually, but he doesn’t answer his phone for quite a while to make him wonder. She then demonstrates that she thinks often profoundly about the man. free; When she makes her significant other follow her, she finds that Saadet and Adnan are together some spot around the completion of the episode.

A woman who says she is her neighbor conveys cake to Ayşe. Ayşe destroys dessert right. The woman tells someone that she took the cake and ate it. Then, Ayşe has torture a couple of times during the day. Right when she gets up the next morning, she is sweat-doused and awful. He goes to the parlor and calls Ferit, yet Ferit in the trailer doesn’t get the phone. While Ayşe is wriggling on the ground, when Mirza calls, she gets the phone and says “I’m dying”. Turns out it was Hande who hurt Ayşe.


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