Donttoleame – Epizod 159

Donttoleame – Epizod 159

Esin is nearly, trapped in a corner with. Yeliz’s messages. The most convincing thing to do prior to isolating. Emre and Zeynep is to some way or another get Yeliz out of jail, yet it is absolutely impossible that this can occur through lawful means. Again while Bora is making blueprints to keep Zeynep away from wedding Emre, Esin beats on. Bora’s entryway to consolidate endeavors with Bora. The entrance that. Bora required came to him; however. Esin’s essentially condition is that. Yeliz be let out of jail.

Bora moved away, without one second to talk? about from being, gotten by. Zeynep. Anyway, Zeynep’s deals for. Bora to be his observer at her wedding makes Bora insanes. Bora speeds up her approaches to forestall this marriage. By the by, this aggravation of. Bora will hugely hurt the arrangement to isolate Emre and Zeynep.


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