HearrtWound – Epizod 58

HearrtWound – Epizod 58

Individuals of the house are disturbed, when they hear that the energetic adult has passed on. Right when. Ayşe gives the clinical office and comes to the house, Ferit tells her that they lost the youthful grown-up. Ayşe ends up being startlingly rankled and gets, back home from the house. They talk and battle with Ferit. Ayşe leaves there and gets in the vehicle. Ferit unreliably looks for him yet can’t track down him.

While. Ferit is searching for. Ayşe, Mirza gets a proposing from the man he visits with productively to make a move. Precisely when. Mirza sees off to some position, he sees. Ayşe dumbfounded at the development table. He ought to call that individual and accumulate the young lady; that is the very thing that he grants, moving past he does it now, Ayşe can crash and burn angrily, yet the man before him doesn’t tune in. They give. Mirza the mindful unbelievably front and inferring that he do the development.


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