Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 159

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 159

Sıla and. Tarık are locked in to the night, yet everybody’s heart is broken. Tarık’s dad. Cengiz won’t go to his main child’s commitment; Nişsan begins and the visitors go with this joy of the. Sayar Family, and the main thing missing is Cengiz. The eyes of the relative multitude of visitors are searching for Cengiz, lastly, as his dad, Cengiz chooses not to let Tarık be on this cheerful day and to excuse him.

While the bliss of. Tarık and. Sıla is finished, with the appearance of. Cengiz, Meltem’s tricky arrangement becomes an integral factor and she comes to the commitment of Tarık and Sıla and shames the Sayar family to the visitors. With the appearance of Meltem, Nişan out of nowhere transforms into a bad dream. Meltem breaks the commitment, yet additionally illuminates her dad Aslan.


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