Donttoleame – Epizod 158

Donttoleame – Epizod 158

With the appearance of. Meltem, Nişan currently transforms into a catastrophe for the Sayar family and. Cengiz laments that he has come. Cengiz at long last met with the clouded side of Meltem. Meltem additionally incites her dad Aslan and makes Aslan and. Cengiz adversaries.

In the wake of realizing how the. Sayars treated his girl, Aslan comes to. Ankara brimming with retaliation and things get convoluted for the. Sayar Family. Aslan is areas of strength for extremely the Sayar family can’t endure. Aslan’s antagonism. Cengiz, who fears losing every one of his resources, considers. Tarık and. Emre liable for these occasions and doesn’t have any desire to see them both. In this troublesome day, the. Sayar family should be together, however they were practically scattered. Dim days are within reach for the. Sayar family.

In collaboration with. Esin and Bora, they hijack. Yeliz from jail and conceal them in. Bora’s home. While. Bora feels that he has dealt with everything, a tremendous treat turns both. Esin’s and. Bora’s arrangements topsy turvy.


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