HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 58

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 58

Yet again hande; following reporting his father, he calls Yaman. frail hopeless young woman plays her child. Around then, at that point, Ferit heard that Hüseyin had been taken in with the complaint of provoking Baha’s murder. Accepting that Hande is behind the events, she goes to her home to demand a record. Exactly when Yaman transforms into a cover for him, they fight with him. Ayşe and Ferit fight about this fight.
Ferit in the Heart Wound series. He banters with Hüseyin as his lawyer. Regardless of the way that Hüseyin at first dismissed that he made it happen; Ferit to her; He says that they brought back the video that Baha sent off Ayşe yet eradicated, and that he understands what happened. Hussein says that Baha had his daughter killed because he was torturing her.

Since Hüseyin accepts that Zümrüt has informed him, he cleanses all records and has his charge cards shut as retaliation. They are poor. Hande makes another move and attacks the men she gave money to her own homes. His father owed money to the usurer; If they don’t, they make up an event like they will return from now on. Emerald was terrified.


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