HearrtWound Epizod 57

HearrtWound Epizod 57

He watches from the camera that. Mirza Ferit was doing explore in his convoy when. Ayşe became ill. He chooses to set up a game for Ferit. Ferit blows up when he sees. Ayşe’s child photograph in Mirza’s room. While they are contending, Ayşe hears them and mediates.

Hande. He intends to isolate. Yaman and Betül. He passes on a letter to. Betül communicating that he is desirous. Hande lets everybody know that she is an extended get-away. He gets. Betül to search for a companion. At the point when the young lady goes for a new employee screening, she goes into the house. Their discussion with. Yaman closes in the room.


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