HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 55

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizod 55

Exactly when Hande goes to Ayşe’s home the next morning, she finds that the woman is pregnant. They fight. Hande spreads the cologne in the house. Exactly when Ayşe needs to stop him, he pushes her. Ayşe passes out. She is connected to the seat when she starts to act regularly once more. Hande torches the house. Azade, who came there to talk with Ayşe, overlooks herself, enters notwithstanding the bursts, releases the young woman and takes her out.


Exactly when they go to the clinical center, Azade finds that Ayşe is pregnant and is outstandingly bright. Ferit gets uncommonly pushed when he sees the house caught fire. Azade tells his kid, who came to the clinical center, that he learned about the Yaman and Hande episode and that he is especially vexed for being outlandish to him. Ayşe doesn’t say that Hande tied her up and set the house burning, but Azade, who saw Hande while she was running into the fire, met with her and subverted and condemned her so she wouldn’t push toward her young lady in-guideline and granddaughter again.

Ferit presents a baby foal to Ayşe. They name the foal “kismet”

The one who has recently joined the series has Ayşe’s graduation picture in his grasp. He follows the young lady. He calls Ferit and inquires as to whether they will run the Pasha Heart bistro. Ferit’s response is yes


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