Donttoleame – Epizod 155

Donttoleame – Epizod 155

Henna is present in. Bora even if it is not noticed. Bora cherishes. Zeynep’s happy moments like a spirit. Bora allows the henna to be happy, but. Bora will never allow. Emre and. Zeynep to get married. Bora’s only way out remains, he will kill. Emre and reunite with Zeynep.

On the other hand, Meltem is a fairy godmother and she is trying to fix the broken relationship between. Cengiz and Tarık. As Meltem approaches her master plan step by step, it’s almost time for. Meltem to show her evil face.

Yet again in spite of the fact that. Zeynep knows about her mom’s feelings of trepidation about Emre, she needs to allow her adoration an opportunity. Hülya keeps on responding cruelly to Emre, however this time. Zeynep keeps on taking a stab at her affection to win.


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