HearrtWound Epizod 54

HearrtWound Epizod 54

A woman who says she is her neighbor brings dessert to Ayşe. Ayşe eats dessert immediately. The woman tells someone that she took the dessert and ate it. Then Ayşe has pain several times during the day. When she wakes up the next morning, she is sweaty and bad. He goes to the living room and calls Ferit, but Ferit in the trailer does not pick up the phone. While Ayşe is writhing on the ground, when Mirza calls, she picks up the phone and says “I’m dying”. Turns out it was Hande who poisoned Ayşe.

Mirzat hears Ayşe’s voices on the phone and goes to his house. While finding the woman unconscious on the ground and carrying her to the car, Ferit also comes there. They take him to the hospital together. Ayşe’s condition is not good. She is taken to the intensive care unit. ferrite; He argues with Mirza.


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