Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 155

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 155

Esin is almost stuck in a corner with Yeliz’s threats. The most important thing to do before separating Emre and Zeynep is to somehow get Yeliz out of jail, but there is no way this can happen through legal means. While Bora is making plans to prevent Zeynep from marrying Emre, Esin once again knocks on Bora’s door to partner with Bora. The opportunity that Bora wanted came to him; but Esin’s only condition is that Yeliz be released from prison.

Zeynep and Emre have the question of whether Hülya will come to the henna nights; However, Hülya sees that her daughter is determined and does not want to leave her daughter alone on this happy night and attends Zeynep’s henna. Even though the atmosphere is suddenly cheerful with the participation of Hülya, Esin also comes to the henna. When Esin comes to the henna, it cools the atmosphere once again, but Arzu takes all the risks and stands in front of Esin. This time Arzu will not feed her children to Esin. Having the support of Arzu and Hülya, Zeynep and Emre say that this happiness cannot be destroyed by any power, but Bora and Esin are not going to stop.


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