Donttoleame – Epizod 154

Donttoleame – Epizod 154

In cooperation with Esin and Bora, they kidnap Yeliz from prison and hide them in Bora’s house. While Bora thinks that he has taken care of everything, a huge surprise turns both Esin’s and Bora’s plans upside down.

Sıla and Tarık are engaged to the evening, but everyone’s heart is broken. Tarık’s father Cengiz will not attend his only son’s engagement; Nişsan starts and the guests accompany this happiness of the Sayar Family, and the only thing missing is Cengiz. The eyes of all the guests are looking for Cengiz, and finally Cengiz, as his father, decides not to leave Tarık alone on this happy day and to forgive him.

While the satisfaction of Tarık and Sıla is finished with the appearance of Cengiz, Meltem’s deceptive arrangement becomes possibly the most important factor and comes to the commitment of Tarık and Sıla and shames the Sayar family to the visitors. With the appearance of Meltem, Nişan unexpectedly transforms into a bad dream. Meltem breaks the commitment, yet in addition illuminates her dad Aslan.


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