HearrtWound – PROMO 5

HearrtWound – PROMO 5

Ferit’s more seasoned sibling Sinan; While passing on her girl to school, she meets her most memorable love, Ebru, after numerous years. He likewise passed on his child to school; He has now moved there from Germany. The one who parted ways with the lady he cherished as a result of his mom’s compulsion intercession actually hasn’t failed to remember her.

The memorial service of the lucky man who raised Yaman is coordinated. At the point when Betül serves the visitors at the burial service home as the lady of the house, the envious Hande charms Yaman. Appalling; as a result of his indignation and disdain towards his dad, he burns down the house where they live. Ferit saves Yaman. Adnan attempts to converse with him, however comes up short. Yaman purchases an extravagance vehicle with the cash he procured from the following shipment and kisses Betül.


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