Donttoleame – Epizod 105

Donttoleame – Epizod 105

Emre and Cansu find the sack seal that. Esin dropped upon the arrival of the episode and learn in which store that brand was sold. The pair went to the store and, verged on tracking down the genuine offender, Esin, from the client records where the pack was sold.

Then again, Bora took the records from Esin. Not entirely set in stone to send Esin to jail, however first he will go to the chalet to show Zeynep the records.
Esin will take a surprising action to get the records back from Bora.
In spite of the fact that Tarık shared with. Sıla to get a separation subsequent to seeing the separation request, Sıla has zero desire to abandon Tarık. He will hang tight for the ideal opportunity and come clean with Tarık about Meltem.

Toward the finish of the series. Don’t Let Me Go, every one of the defamations made on. Zeynep’s trustworthiness arose undisputedly. Zeynep Emre disposed of the defamations with the proof he found, however this time. Esin’s tension on Arzu appears to start. Since Esibn will utilize the mystery! from a long time back, which is the last! ace in the hole in his grasp, all together not to be detained.

Arzu will most likely safeguard. Esin so her mystery isn’t uncovered. Regardless of whether the motivation goes to prison, it will be out soon; for he holds the rope of Want. Out isn’t from Arzu, yet from Zeynep’s mom Hülya.


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