HearrtWound – Epizoda 5

HearrtWound – Epizoda 5

The memorial service of the husband to be who raised Yaman is coordinated. At the point when Betül serves the visitors at the memorial service home as the lady of the house, the desirous Hande charms Yaman. Appalling; in view of his outrage and hatred towards his dad, he burns down the house where they live. Ferit saves Yaman. Adnan attempts to converse with him, however fizzles. Yaman purchases an extravagance vehicle with the cash he procured from the following shipment and kisses Betül.

While there is satisfaction at home that Sinan will assume control over the administration of the recently settled organization, Adnan likewise designates Yaman as an up-and-comer at the gathering. A vote is made. While uncovering Ferit Yaman’s misdirection votes in support of himself, Yaman turns into the president. Azade woman, her sibling and her family both get annoyed and become hopelessly enamored with Ferit.

Hearing that Ferit’s secretary has reserved a spot for the fair in Iskenderun, Hande gets every one of the subtleties. He prepares and sets off. Before he leaves, he comes by Ayşe and tells her that he will accompany Ferit that evening and compromises her. Seeing Ayşe agitated, the auntie gives her garments and fortitude and sends her to Iskenderun. At the point when Ayşe goes to the lodging, she sees Ferit going into the room after Hande.

Hande bewilders Ferit. He says he got approval from Ayşe to come. Ayşe, who sees Hande advancing toward Ferit, leaves there. That is the explanation she can’t see Ferit leave the room and the housing. Getting back, Ferit asked where he came from and for what substantial explanation. He expects he let her go with Hande. He considers who Baha is. Ayşe tells Ferit “I keep up with that it ought to end”.


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