HearrtWound – Epizoda 4

HearrtWound – Epizoda 4

Ayşe chooses not to leave her better half and go, in spite of her mother by marriage. He tells Azade woman’s face, I will battle you if fundamental. Ayşe, Ferit’s #1, effectively rides on Fırtına. Ferit likes this
At the point when Baha calls Ayşe, he hears that the young lady is getting hitched from the telephone that is inadvertently opened and he is crushed. His sister goes to Hatay and searches for Ayşe in the chateau. Azade woman examines her before Ayşe. Azade Hanım, who let Hande know what she heard from the young lady, tells the lady of the hour to-be that this marriage was made on account of determination. Hande faces Ayşe and says that they love each other with Ferit and that they ought to move.

Ayşe is squashed when she finds that Baha will be sought after for crime. She chats with Baha on the phone and endeavors to calm her down, but the man has plans inside. He secretly takes his ward’s sharp edge and hides it. Close to the completion of the episode, Baha wounds himself around night time. Finding him hurt, his ward friend yells to the gatekeeper.

Ayşe is crushed when she discovers that Baha will be pursued for homicide. She converses with Baha on the telephone and attempts to quiet her down, however the man has plans inside. He covertly takes his ward’s blade and conceals it. Toward the finish of the episode, Baha wounds himself around evening time. Finding him harmed, his ward companion shouts to the watchman.


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