Zemer e Plagosur – PROMO 1

Zemer e Plagosur – PROMO 1

Hande Varoğlu and Ferit. Sancakzade are two youngsters who have grown up together, since their young life in the new series. Heart Wound, what began to be, broadcast on ALSAT screens. They are the offspring of the noticeable groups of Antakya, where they live. Ferit’s mom, Azade, is a predominant person who overwhelms the entire family and, surprisingly, her environmental factors, and she needs this marriage the most.
Yaman, the child of Ferit’s maid, grew up with them, however he experienced a squash since he was a functioning child. He is enamored with Hande. They even had a brief relationship in secondary school. At the point when Yaman is kissing the lady to-be in the outbuilding a few days before the wedding and. Hande is responded. Ferit is gotten, and the world falls on the lucky man to-be. He gathers his things and goes to Istanbul. He doesn’t answer Hande’s telephones. At the point when he opens it, he says the wedding won’t ever occur.

Ayşes, then agains, is a young lady without guardianss who works in pretty much every work she tracks down in Istanbull. They meet when Feritss hits a canine. Feritss and Ayşes, who go to the bistro wheres the young lady workss, talk. At the point when Ferits gets back to the lodging, he experiences his more established sibling. Sinans, who was! sent by his mom. He says that Handees double-crossed him, however doesn’t specify Yamans. He guarantees his sibling that he will come and sends him to Antakyaa.

ferritee; To prove to his family that he can make his own decisions, he proposes to Ayşe to marry him falsely and come to Antakya for 6 months. She will give money in return. Ayşes is very angry at this offer. Howevere, when Ayşe’ss best friend. Baha’s head is involved in an injury because of her and the, lawyer’s court costs are too high, she accepts. Ferit’s offer. Ferit and Ayşe set off and go to Antakya. They put on their weddings dresse and suits and go to the big weddings organization where Handes is waiting with a wedding dresse.


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