BlckSeea – PROMO 260

BlckSeea – PROMO 260

The house of the castle, residents is scanned with a machine gun. Brother Ferhat and Fikret; Ali and the cops come right after. Everyone starts looking for the men by their own means. Tahir and Mustafa want to go after these men who left tombstones belonging to their family members in front of their house, but their wives prevent them.

Ferhat and Fikret brother find the men. Conflict ensues. Ferhat is slightly injured. But since the captured men end up in a drug network, he will not be able to go out and disturb the Kalelis again. Murat also comes home from the plateau house. Mustafa forgives Yangazi. Together they repair the house.

Mercan and Tarik; marries in a simple marriage at home. Even though the nights are a bit eventful, the duo finally manages to harmonize.
Ferhat and Hazal manage to come to an agreement after fighting. Ferhat finally kisses Hazal.
Nefes finishes high school externally.

Fikret’s brother tells Hazal and Ferhat about his past. He tells why he hates Genco, why he waited so long and what Genco actually did to these two. He killed Hazal’s father, Genco, who had an eye on his mother, and made it look like an accident; On the other hand, something he saw of Ferhat’s mother had Genco killed in his face and blamed it on his father. They call Esma and make criminal complaints.

3 months pass. When Nefes’s water comes, they set out in a hurry at night. There is an accident on the main road. When the tire bursts on the side road, Asiye helps Nefes in giving birth with prayers. Fairy tale dolls make everyone happy. While Nefes is coy and jealous; Sleepless hours begin on the baby face.

Genco is arrested at the end of the episode, because of a lot of complaints. His son Tarik does not even move a hair in the face of this situation.


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