Donttoleame – Epizod 98

Donttoleame – Epizod 98

Emre can’t comprehend the reason why Zeynep is unexpectedly so cold to him. Each time Zeynep meets Emre, she makes a good attempt not to embrace Emre’s neck, but rather Zeynep currently needs to express stop to herself and set a boundary before this affection. How long will Zeynep’s set toward the end despite. Emre’s adoration streaming like cascades? Emre has zero desire to abandon Zeynep.

Emre first attempts to converse with. Zeynep about why he deals with him like this, yet he doesn’t find a solution. Emre at last feels that something is pushing. Zeynep to behave this way. Then again, Cengiz needs to totally eliminate. Zeynep from Emre’s life. Cengiz’s most memorable objective is to send Zeynep from the clinic; however Bora stands upstanding before Cengiz and tells Cengiz that Zeynep can’t leave this medical clinic. The main contention broke out among. Cengiz and Bora. It doesn’t seem OK why. Cengiz Bora remains behind Zeynep to such an extent.

Meltem is like a bomb ready to explode. Meltem, who learns all the facts about Sıla, also learns that Sıla married Tarık in order to study. Now, difficult times await. Sıla’s family in the village; because this time Meltem is preparing to shoot Sıla with her family. This bad surprise that Meltem has prepared for. Sıla will hurt Sıla and Tarık very much.


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