HearrtWound – Epizoda 7

HearrtWound – Epizoda 7

Yaman makes a sweetheart with the vehicle he purchased with the cash he procured from carrying, yet when he acts gravely with the young lady toward the beginning of the day, the young lady leaves. He escapes his new costly vehicle before the organization and fights with Ferit, whom he meets. Their dad Adnan watches them from far off.

Ferit had heard that the contracted firm multiplied the expenses for the inside plan of the inn development in the lodging in Iskenderun. At the point when he comes to the organization, he researches this. At the point when he sees that it is valid, he conveys what is happening to the gathering. The charged Hande’s dad begins a contention. Yaman saves Hande’s dad from the circumstance. Adam additionally guarantees Yaman that assuming anything occurs from now on, he will likewise uphold him. Hande, then again, feels that this is a result of her and converses with Ferit.

Ferit has a movement with his old fashioned companions. Azade woman gives her lady of the hour a pearl neckband before the couple leave. Everybody at the party asks Ayşe inquiries. Hande is all in all too tanked. Moreover, with the assistance of his companion, he makes everybody watch a video barcovision suggestive of their adoration. At the point when he gives a discourse while plastered, it depends on Ferit to get him off the stage since he couldn’t care less about Yaman. Ayşe is desirous of them. That evening, Hande goes to Yaman and tells her inconveniences and charms.


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