HearrtWound – Epizod 8 PROMO

HearrtWound – Epizod 8 PROMO

Ferit, then again, goes to his sibling, who works with the laborers in the studio, which doesn’t come to the organization. Sinan; He is exceptionally irate that he was not chosen senior supervisor and that he was embarrassed according to his loved ones. Ferit at long last admits to his sibling that it was Yaman who gone behind his back with Hande.

Coming back from the occasion, Yaman is extremely frightened when he believes that the taxi Ayşe is getting on had a mishap. Luckily, Ayşe advanced off the quick taxi beyond time. Ferit is exceptionally glad that Ayşe was not in the mishap, and Ayşe is cheerful on the grounds that Ferit is so terrified of himself and values himself. The following day, Ferit sends an area to Ayşe and calls him to finish their incomplete discussion. The two are invigorated

At the point when Baha cuts himself in the jail, he is abducted by Hande while being taken to the emergency clinic by rescue vehicle. He assists him with coming to Antakya. Baha calls Ayşe on the telephone and tells that he took off, however doesn’t say that he came there. Toward the finish of the episode, Baha loves the arms of Ayşe, who is eager to meet Ferit in blood.


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