Donttoleame – Epizod 107

Donttoleame – Epizod 107

Arzu will likely safeguard Esin so her mystery isn’t uncovered. Regardless of whether the motivation goes to prison, it will be out soon; for he holds the rope of Want. Out isn’t from Arzu, however from Zeynep’s mom Hülya.
Quite a while back, Esin had figured out how to play a one-on-one game and separate Vedat and Hülya. Despite the fact that the game Esin played for Hülya a long time back, the game she played for Zeynep years after the fact won’t work.

Esin, who sees Hülya in the clinic, will have attacks of desire and will comprehend the reason why Vedat treats her so gravely. Bora, then again, will make a move to get back the camera film Esin has.

Bora’s point isn’t to have Esin detained, yet to make Zeynep pay with her life for the defamations she has made. Since Bora nearly lost Zeynep due to Esin.

Another period has been placed among Tarık and Sıla. Despite the fact that Sıla tells Tarık that I upset you as a result of the commitment I made to Meltem, or I’m frantically enamored with you, Sıla’s previous won’t ever leave her. Once more will Tarik come to Meltem’s down?

What truly occurred among Mehmet and Sıla? And the sky is the limit from there in Don’t Let Me Go, section 68 rundown


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