HearrtWound – Epizoda 6

HearrtWound – Epizoda 6

After this battle in the chateau, Sinan’s significant other, Leman, blames her for being clumsy and quiet. A couple battle. At the point when Sinan emerges with outrage and urgency, he contends with Ferit. Azade, who is attempting to isolate his two children, experiences the insubordination of one and the give up on the other. At the point when she gets back to her room, she squabbles with the representation of her oppressive dad, and when her significant other shows up, she likewise contends with him. Her significant other Adnan tells her not to be oppressive like her dad and that she can’t cherish him.

The following day, Azade; addresses his ladies. He lets his kids know that they purchased a vehicle all their young life since they believed them should figure out how to fix it assuming that they broke the offer. He tells Ayşe not to return and upset their request and not to return to Leman and attempt to rebel.

Toward the finish of the episode, Azade gives Leman her bags and lets her mom know that she will send her to her town. Leman, then again, needs to have a discussion with her ex-fiancee in the yard while she is watching her better half and dropping her little girl off to school. At the point when you call her significant other, the man doesn’t answer his telephone.


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