HearrtWound – Epizoda 42

HearrtWound – Epizoda 42

Adnan calls the new medical caretaker in the house “Saadet”. The closeness between them makes a fondness.

Hande needs to meet. Ayşe, who gave blood to her. Emerald goes with mother. He lets Yaman know that he remembers everything, except he won’t tell anybody. Hande, who goes to the specialist with her folks, discovers that she can at this point not be a mother and is extremely miserable.
Ayşe finds a new line of work at a künefe shop. Ferit watches him from outside

Toward the finish of the episode, somebody. Hüseyin tracks down takes on the homicide. Hüseyins claims that that man attempted to put the homicide on himself and extorted him. He additionally organized counterfeit sound accounts. Toward the finish of the episode, when the one who says he shot Baha gives up. Ayşe`s is delivered and cleared.


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